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Health Informatics can be thought of as data management applied to the field of healthcare. Data management is also referred to as “informatics” and is talked about in terms of the science of how data is used, gathered, sorted, and stored. Health Informatics is an interdisciplinary field combining computer science and management, data collection and storage, and the use of this information with the goal of improving the healthcare system and the delivery of healthcare services.

When it comes to healthcare, there is vast potential for applications of this type of knowledge. Data is collected and used at all levels of healthcare from research to academics, public health, and direct outcomes of patient care. A few examples of services that utilize health informatics are patient portals, where patients can log in to make appointments and send messages to their providers; gathering and storing data for electronic medical records (EMRs); telehealth; healthcare apps; and a variety of data reporting tools that are used in research and other opportunities.

Professionals in this field can work in computer systems management, database management, clinical analysts, higher education, applied research, and other fields. Health informatics is one of the most in-demand sub-sections of the healthcare management industry.

Students will leave a health informatics program with a greater understanding of the American healthcare system and the ways in which technology and data are used. They will learn legal and regulatory compliance related to the healthcare system and will learn how to use the tools of data analysis and apply them to the healthcare field.

Professionals will have the best job placement outcomes if their online graduate certificates in health informatics are earned through an accredited program. The Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM) accredits master’s degree programs in health informatics. A student wishing to transfer their graduate certificate credits to a master’s degree program should ensure that the master’s degree program is among those accredited by CAHIIM.

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Featured Graduate Certificates in Healthcare Informatics
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