Blog - What's Happening in Healthcare Administration?

This blog explores career paths, professors to know, industry changes, and other forces shaping the experience of online MHA students. These features cover the realities of pursuing an online degree, including applications tips, internship requirements, scholarship prospects, and advice for finding a job upon graduation.

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January 16, 2019

Five Emerging Careers in Healthcare Administration

Healthcare is a rapidly changing industry. Breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, emerging issues in big data, the complexities of healthcare regul...

January 15, 2019

The Best Graduate Healthcare Degrees in 2019

Healthcare is currently the country’s largest employer, and jobs in healthcare are projected to be among the fastest growing over the next decade. A...

January 3, 2019

Top Health Administration Scholarships

The cost of higher education continues to rise, forcing students to take up a considerable amount of debt to fulfill their dream of getting a quality ...

January 2, 2019

Specialists Wanted: In-Demand Skills for Healthcare Administrators

Healthcare is the biggest industry in the United States. While the number of physicians has grown in tandem with the growth in population since the 19...

December 27, 2018

Assisted Living Administrator - Day in the Life

Assisted living administrators are responsible for a wide scope of responsibilities that vary from facility to facility, but the ultimate goal is to p...

December 26, 2018

Five Fast-Growing Careers in Healthcare Administration in 2019

As Baby Boomers move into later stages of their lives, they will need more care; those who work in healthcare will retire, resulting in more demand fo...

December 21, 2018

Best Online Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration (BSHA) Programs

In a field as lucrative and fast-growing as healthcare administration, a slew of new BSHA programs have sprouted up to cloud the landscape. To save yo...

December 14, 2018

A Day in the Life of a Hospital Administrator

The day-to-day life of a hospital administrator varies according to the specific environment in which one works. The administrator of a small rural ho...

December 14, 2018

Schools with an Exceptional Faculty in Long-Term Care & Nursing Home Administration

Technological breakthroughs have helped increase life expectancy, which has resulted in a larger population of the elderly. Older populations face a u...