Online Master of International Health Management (MIHM) Degrees


Beyond a traditional master’s in health administration (MHA) are specialized programs such as the online master’s of international health management (MIHM). With a global focus and an emphasis on international collaboration, these programs prepare students to step into healthcare management and leadership around the world.

As part of a MIHM program, students learn how to tackle global health issues, improve the quality of care of institutions, and have a social impact on communities. Courses such as comparative healthcare systems teach students how systems vary around the globe.

MIHM programs allow students to connect with international universities and healthcare agencies. At Arizona State University, for example, students work with the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. At the University of Scranton students complete study abroad trips in South America and Europe.

Students who have earned a MIHM are poised to step into careers as international executives or managers in healthcare. Typical job titles include clinic manager, hospital administrator, healthcare auditor, health policy analyst, and medical information officer.

There is currently only one official MIHM management program in the United States. However, several programs offer MHA programs with specializations such as international management or global health which are similar to the education received in an MIHM program.

Below is an overview of the MIHM program at ASU as well as profiles of three schools that offer programs related to an MIHM degree.

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