Editorial Values

Our small, dedicated team at MHAOnline is unique: a growing number of educational publishers are being gobbled up by conglomerates and private equity firms, but we’re proud to remain one of the few independent, boutique companies in this space.

Our three executives—founders Seth Restaino and Barry Franklin and chief content officer Jocelyn Blore—have worked together on this site since 2015, and most of our writers and contributing experts have been with us for at least four years.

Superlative Reporting, Analysis & Review

Our team of writers, reviewers, and contributing experts comprises journalists, experienced healthcare professionals, professors, CEOs, multilingual researchers, executives at professional associations, and other leaders in the field.

We provide accurate, engaging, authoritative, and timely features, covering everything that current and aspiring professionals in engineering need to know.

Competitive Pay for Writers

Our tight-knit team has low turnover due to our commitment to rewarding the hard work of research, interviews, and analysis.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our three-person executive team and trusted experts bring diverse perspectives to this work. We understand that cultural competence is integral to providing high-quality education and mental health services, and this commitment is reflected in our team’s varied demographics and article topics.

Transparency & Trust

We don’t use anonymous “staff writers”—every expert and contributor on our site is proud to include a byline with their work. We encourage you to check out our Advertising Disclosure and reach out with any inquiries or corrections.

Thank you for being so interested.