Online Executive MHA Programs (5 Years of Professional Experience Required)


Experienced healthcare professionals looking to advance into leadership, management, or executive positions may want to consider enrolling in an an executive master of healthcare administration (EMHA) program online. These programs are designed for senior managers, directors, and executives with five or more years of experience, and help prepare graduates to better lead healthcare organizations from executive positions in the clinical, public, and corporate sectors. These programs offer advanced, cross-disciplinary instruction in leadership, marketing, epidemiology, operations management, economics, and quality control, among other areas. By offering courses online, on-campus requirements are minimized, enabling busy working professionals to advance their knowledge and skills during times of their choosing, and without having to relocate.

That said, some executive MHA programs schedule periodic symposiums where classmates in a specific cohort get together either in person or in a real-time (synchronous) online meeting area to interact and learn, leveraging one another’s experience.

Discover what to expect from an online EHMA program, including typical admissions requirements, duration, curricula, tuition, exceptional faculty members, and other features.

Professors to Know in Schools with Online EHMA Programs

  • Judith Bentkover, PhD

    Dr. Judith Bentkover is a Critical Challenge Project Adviser for the executive master of healthcare leadership program at Brown University. She’s also a professor of the practice of health services, policy, and practice in the School of Public Health. Notably, she was the first executive and academic director of the executive master of healthcare leadership program. As the former President and CEO of Innovative Health Solutions—a consulting firm providing research and strategic analysis to healthcare manufacturers, providers, and payers—Dr. Bentkover has worked throughout Europe and Asia, earning considerable experience and knowledge of various healthcare systems.

  • Leonard H. Friedman, PhD

    Dr. Leonard Friedman is a lecturer and program director at MHA@GW. Prior to joining the faculty at GWU, Dr. Friedman was a professor in the Department of Public Health and coordinator of health management and policy programs at the University of Oregon. During a long career in academia, Dr. Friedman explored organizational responses to cataclysmic events, system approaches to reducing medical errors, and the roots of organizational excellence in healthcare. Over the years, Professor Friedman has taught classes in healthcare management, organizational theory and behavior in healthcare, healthcare law and regulation, strategic management, and leadership in healthcare organizations.

  • Margaret S. Thomas, MHA

    Margaret S. Thomas is an assistant professor in health policy and management at UNC, where she has taught for more than 16 years. Ms. Thomas teaches financial management, financial leadership, governance, and strategy for the executive MHA and the DrPH programs at UNC. An alumni of UNC, Thomas earned her own MHA in 2000. In addition to her work at UNC, Thomas serves on the board of a Georgia public health advisory non-profit, and provides consulting services to the boards of professional services firms, healthcare entities, and other nonprofits.

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Featured Executive MHA Programs

University of Central Florida
University of Central Florida

Executive Master of Health Administration

Johns Hopkins University - Carey Business School
Johns Hopkins University - Carey Business School

MS in Health Care Management (Part-Time)

Wake Forest University
Wake Forest University

MS in Healthcare Leadership


THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST IN Southern New Hampshire University Online MS - Construction Management

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