Online Bachelor's in Nursing Home Administration (Long-Term Care)


As we grow older, we’re faced with unique challenges that affect not only our physical well-being but also our mental state. At such times, we need a different type of care, one that helps us maintain our day-to-day activities, while also helping us find renewed meaning in life. This is where nursing home administrators come in. These professionals are trained in various aspects of long-term care such as administration, legal, management, healthcare, and more. A bachelor’s program in nursing home administration gives students insight into topics such as long-term care facilities management, organizational dynamics, nursing home care laws, and financial management. They also learn about the role of a healthcare provider in optimum healthcare delivery, the issues facing current long-term care administrators, and the key to ethical decision-making. At the end of the program, students can be well-equipped to deliver high-quality care for the elderly and take up jobs in assisted living facilities and retirement facilities. The following article profiles six online bachelor’s programs in nursing home administration. These programs offer flexibility to students, while providing the same high-quality education as its on-campus counterpart. The piece also features three noteworthy faculty members teaching these programs.

Featured Online Bachelor’s Degrees in Long-Term Care

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Featured Undergraduate Healthcare Administration Degrees
Maryville University Online BS - Healthcare Administration + Certificate in Senior Living ManagementVisit Site
Maryville University Online BS - Healthcare ManagementVisit Site
Arizona State University Community Health (BS)Visit Site
Arizona State University Global Health (BA)Visit Site
Southern New Hampshire University Online BS in Healthcare Administration
Southern New Hampshire University Online BS in Healthcare Administration - Patient Safety And Quality

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Professors to Know in Bachelor’s in Nursing Home (Long-Term Care) Administration

  • Steven M. Hays, DSL - Regent University

    Dr. Steven M. Hays is an associate professor at Regent University. His responsibilities include developing the business, leadership, and healthcare management curriculum for students in the undergraduate College of Arts and Sciences. He teaches courses such as healthcare systems and organizations, healthcare finance, health insurance, and contemporary issues in healthcare management.

    Prior to joining Regent university, Dr. Hays taught at Roberts Wesleyan College. His research efforts are focused on strategic planning, strategic management, servant leadership, and leadership coaching. His research has appeared in top journals such as the Journal of Strategic Leadership and the Group Practice Journal. Notably, he has won numerous awards such as Outstanding Faculty Award and the Barbara S. Muller Memorial Award for Teaching Excellence. He completed his BA from Winthrop University, his MSHA from Virginia Commonwealth University, and his DSL from Regent University.

  • Michael Mileski, DC - Saint Joseph's College

    Dr. Michael Mileski is an long-term care administration professor for online programs at Saint Joseph's College. His teaching career spans several years, and his current research explores post-traumatic stress disorder, Baby Boomers, and work stress.

    Dr. Mileski has published his research in prominent journals such as the Journal of Health Administration Education, the Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare, and the ABNF Journal. In 2017, he won the AIT Preceptor Award. Professor Mileski completed his DC from Texas Chiropractic College, his MA from Kaplan University, his MS from Kaplan University, and his BA from University of South Florida.

  • Karen Schechter, MBA - Maryville University

    Karen Schechter serves as a director and assistant professor of healthcare management and health administration programs at Maryville University. She teaches the healthcare management practicum and conducts seminars on the discipline as well.

    Her areas of expertise include strategic planning, practice management, population health management, profit improvement, and cost controls. Over the past 30 years, she has developed expertise in various areas in healthcare. She is not only a widely recognized and respected leader in healthcare, but also a valuable mentor for many students at Maryville University. She earned her master of business administration and bachelor of science in health information management from Saint Louis University.

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