Capella University Online Master of Health Administration (MHA)

The School of Nursing and Health Sciences at Capella University offers a flexible online master of health administration (MHA) program with two learning paths: GuidedPath and FlexPath.

Through the GuidedPath, students may take one to three courses per quarter completing either a part-time or full-time degree. The MHA programs may be completed in just one year on a full-time basis or take one course per quarter for about three years. Classes run on a traditional schedule with weekly assignments and assessment deadlines to keep students on track. Students participate in online discussion boards with faculty and peers and apply their learning to real-world situations.

FlexPath is a self-paced option in which students may take two courses simultaneously. No grades are given as students demonstrate competency in all areas to advising faculty. In this pathway, tuition is charged on a 12-week basis rather than per credit.

Motivated students who wish to work at an accelerated pace and significantly decrease their total tuition may wish to pursue this learning path. This degree pathway is not credit-bearing; rather, it is based on program points, and students work one-on-one with faculty to complete competencies. The same degree is earned upon completion. A 3.0 minimum GPA is required to enter the FlexPath.

Capella University programs are fully competency-based, seeking to graduate students who have the right knowledge and skills to serve in their fields. The MHA curriculum is patterned after the National Center for Health Care Leadership Competency Model (NCHL). In addition, Capella uses an interprofessional education model in which students in related programs share courses and insights with each other.

Capella online students have access to their learner success lab which helps them further advance their health administration skills and navigate their time and resources to the fullest. Learning outcomes focus on organizational change; administrative strategies; improving performance for health care organizations; healthcare economics, policy, and law; ethical leadership; working in teams; critical thinking; effective communication; and collaboration.

Graduates of the MHA programs may go on to careers in various health care organizations, including hospitals, government organizations, insurance agencies, research facilities, medical device companies, and long-term health care organizations.

Capella University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and offers several online master’s programs. It is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and is an online-only institution. However, Capella has two campus centers located in Atlanta and Augusta, Georgia.

What to Expect from the Capella University Online MHA

Admission Requirements: Applicants to the online MHA program must hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. No GMAT or GRE or work experience is required. A minimum GPA of 2.3 is required for GuidedPath applicants and a minimum GPA of 3.0 for FlexPath applicants. The application requires the submission of official transcripts. Students whose first language is not English must submit proof of English language proficiency.

Study Plan: The Capella University online MHA consists of 12 courses, which last ten weeks each. GuidedPath students may begin their program each quarter in the fall, winter, spring, or summer. Students may take one to three courses per quarter. Full-time students who complete three courses per quarter can complete the program in just one year. Taking two courses at a time will take six quarters or about 1.5 years. Part-time students who complete one course per quarter can complete the program in three years.

FlexPath students may begin courses once a month for their first course equaling 12 start dates per year. Subsequent courses may be started at any time with a maximum of two courses taken simultaneously. FlexPath students may complete their degree in as little as one year. At an accelerated pace, the program could be completed in 48 weeks or four 12-week sessions. A typical pace would be to complete the program in six 12-week sessions or about 1.5 years.

Curriculum: The Capella University MHA core courses include communication, collaboration, and case analysis for master’s learners; health care finance and reimbursement; strategic health care planning; organizational leadership and governance; data analysis for health care decisions; health care law and policy; economics and decision-making in health care; and health administration capstone.

General MHA Curriculum: Specialization courses include Health Care Quality, Risk, and Regulatory Compliance; and Introduction to Health Information Systems. MHA students then choose two courses from the following: Health Administration Field Experience; Health Care Consumerism and Marketing; Human Capital Management in Health Care; Facilities and Capital Asset Management; Comparative Models of Global Health Systems; and Policy and Legislative Development Processes.

Online Experience: Capella University courses may require live web conferencing, online discussion boards, and group projects. Capella students have access to enrollment counselors, financial aid counselors, military support staff, disability services, faculty support, peer-mentoring groups, academic advisors and coaches, tutors, writing support, a student community, an online library, and 24/7 technical support. After graduation students also have access to a career center and alumni association.

On-Site Requirements: The Capella University online MHA programs are 100 percent online.

Paying for the Capella University Online MHA

Online MHA students on the GuidedPath pay per credit plus fees, so a student’s course load dictates cost. The FlexPath is billed per 12-week session and students may complete as many courses as possible in this timeframe. Applicants should contact the Capella University School of Nursing and Health Sciences for current costs and possible discounts.

Capella’s online MHA students have access to graduate student loans per the FAFSA. Students can find out more from the Capella University Admissions Office. A Capella Progress Reward scholarship may be available to help fund the MHA degree. Additionally, students may inquire with their employer regarding a tuition reimbursement program and seek funding from outside sources.

*Please note that only the GuidedPath options are outlined in the tables below.

Capella University Master of Health Administration (MHA)

  • Patterned after the National Center for Health Care Leadership Competency Model (NCHL)
  • Competency-based curriculum with real-world application from the start
  • GuidedPath and FlexPath study options allow for flexibility in pace, cost, and learning style
Program Essentials
Degree Level Master's Degree
Program Start Dates Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer
Credits Needed to Graduate Please visit the Capella University website for credit & tuition details (see link below)
Time to Complete? Graduate in as little as one year.
100% Online? Yes
Program Accreditation None
Program Admissions
Level of Education Required? Bachelor's degree or higher
GRE or GMAT Required? No GRE required
Work Experience Required? No
Program Tuition
Credit Hours Please visit the Capella University website for credit & tuition details (see link below)
Average Cost Per Credit Please visit the Capella University website for credit & tuition details (see link below).
Estimated Program Tuition * Please visit the Capella University website for credit & tuition details (see link below).

* Please visit for credit and tuition details.

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