Online MHA-MBA Dual Degree Programs – Healthcare & Business Administration


Healthcare is one of the biggest indicators of progress in an economy. For healthcare systems to thrive, leadership must be able to balance effective patient care with rising healthcare costs. Hence, several universities now offer dual degree programs in healthcare and business administration. These programs not only focus on the various aspects of nursing and patient care but also offer students an understanding of healthcare’s financial, economic, and regulatory aspects. A number of these programs are also available online.

Dual degree programs in healthcare and business administration generally comprise 54 to 65 credits and can be completed in two to three years. The coursework includes topics such as long-term care administration, health services and systems, leadership in healthcare, marketing management, communication, healthcare management, and analytics. Students are trained to view all decisions from a business perspective while also keeping the patient’s best interests in mind.

Upon completing the program, students can take up leadership and managerial roles in healthcare organizations such as hospitals, long-term care institutes, and clinics.

The following guide discusses exceptional online dual degree programs in healthcare and business administration and notable faculty members teaching them.

Professors to Know in Dual Degree Programs

  • Mark J. Bittle, DrPH, MBA Johns Hopkins University

    Dr. Mark J. Bittle is the director of the MHA and the master of applied science in population health management program at Johns Hopkins University. He teaches or has taught graduate courses in leadership and management; operations and strategy; and healthcare financing. His research largely focuses on change management in big healthcare systems, physician alignment & engagement strategies, and developing community-oriented care delivery systems.


    He has been published in well-respected journals such as The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety and the Journal of Public Health Management & Practice. He completed his DrPH from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, his MBA from the University of Baltimore, and his BS from the University of Maryland (Baltimore County).

  • Madhu Rao, PhD Stetson University

    Dr. Madhu Rao is a professor at Stetson University, where he teaches courses such as operations management, probability models for decision-making, business statistics, prescriptive analytics, and managerial business analytics.

    Before joining Stetson University, he worked at the Atkinson Graduate School of Management at Willamette University. His research efforts are centered around analyzing stochastic systems, simulation, and modeling and analyzing manufacturing systems. He has published his work in prominent journals such as the International Journal of Production Research and the European Journal of Operations Research. He earned his PhD from the University of Toronto, his MTech from the Indian Institute of Technology, and his BE from Osmania University.

Farheen Gani
Farheen Gani

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