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Our hospitals need good nurses, and an effective nursing system needs nurturing from a good faculty. Nurse educators play an important role in preparing students to deliver the best patient care. An online master’s program in nurse education paves the way for budding nurse educators to take up faculty positions in bachelor’s- and associate-level nursing programs, create a curriculum, and develop new teaching methods.

A number of universities offer online master’s programs in nurse education, generally comprising 30 to 40 credit-hours, which can be completed in two years. The curriculum focuses on the role of nurse educators, how to develop nursing curricula, the engagement of students in the classroom, and advanced nursing practice. At the end of the program, students can pursue roles such as clinical nurse educator or adjunct professor in universities, colleges, and hospital-based nursing schools, among other opportunities.

The following guide covers seven online master’s programs in nurse education, and three faculty members teaching them.

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Featured Nurse Educator Programs
Duquesne University Online Post-Master's Nursing Certificate
Arizona State University Nursing (Nursing Education) (MS)Visit Site
Sacred Heart University MSN - Nursing Education
Sacred Heart University RN-BSN-MSN - Nursing Education

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Professors to Know in Master’s in Nurse Education Programs

  • Danita Alfred, PhD - The University of Texas at Tyler

    Dr. Danita Alfred is an associate professor in the College of Nursing and Health Sciences at The University of Texas at Tyler. She teaches courses such as research design, nursing theory, translational science, transcultural nursing research, and quantitative research design.

    Professor Alfred is a member of professional organisations such as the American Nurses’ Association and the Texas Nurses’ Association. Her research work has appeared in top journals such as the Journal of Professional Nursing, the Journal of Nursing Scholarship, and Nurse Educator. Notably, she has won several awards such as the Barbara Cushing Excellence in Nursing Award and an Outstanding Faculty Award. She completed her PhD and MSN at Texas Woman’s University and her BSN at West Texas State University.

  • Marcy Caplin, PhD - Kent State University

    Since 2001, Dr. Marcy Caplin has been an assistant professor at the Kent State University’s College of Nursing. She teaches courses in the online RN-to-BSN program and in the nurse educator concentration. Some of the courses she teaches include roles and evaluation for nursing education curricula, the nursing education practicum, and concepts and issues for professional nursing practice.

    Dr. Caplin’s areas of expertise include professional identity development, community of practice, and online education. She is a member of professional organizations such as American Nurses Association and the National League for Nursing. Also, her work has been published in prominent journals such as Orthopaedic Nursing and Nurse Educator. She earned her PhD from Kent State University, MSN from Yale University, and BA from SUNY Binghamton.

  • Mary E. Partusch, PhD - Nebraska Methodist College

    Dr. Mary E. Partusch is a professor in the MSN program at Nebraska Methodist College, where she teaches courses in the MSN nurse educator program. Presently, her main areas of interest are distance education, curriculum development and innovation, and learning technology for nurse educators. She is a member of professional organizations such as the American Nurses’ Association and the National League for Nursing, while also serving as Team Chair and Peer Reviewer for the Higher Learning Commission. She completed her PhD, MSN and BSN at University of Nebraska, as well as her BS and ADN at the College of Saint Mary.

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