Online Master's in Nursing Administration (MSN)


As healthcare evolves, there is need for nursing professionals that can efficiently execute top-notch patient care as well as manage large teams. This is where nursing administrators come into the picture. Nursing administrators ensure that the best quality care is being delivered to patients, in settings such as hospitals, medical centers, and clinics. They can take up different titles such as a nurse manager, nurse supervisor, nurse administrator, or director of nursing. A master’s degree in nursing administration helps nursing professionals take their career to the next level. On completion of this degree, one can take up leadership and executive positions in healthcare settings.

Several universities offer online master’s programs in nurse administration. These programs can generally be completed in two to four years. The coursework helps students develop managerial and leadership skills, while also training them in data analysis, research, finance, and policy-making. Some of the courses included are theoretical basis for nursing practice, research in nursing and health professions, and health policy and planning in the US.

Graduates of the program are eligible to pursue the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) certification in Nursing Administration or Nursing Administration Advanced (CNAA). Additionally, they can take up administrative roles such as quality improvement manager, nurse executive, and ambulatory care manager at hospitals, schools of nursing, and other healthcare facilities.

The following guide lists six online master’s programs in nurse administration and three notable faculty members teaching them.


Professors to Know in Master’s in Nursing Administration

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    Donna Copeland, BSN, MSN, DNP, University of South Alabama

    Donna Copeland is an assistant professor of adult health nursing at the University of South Alabama. She teaches courses such as nursing administration concepts and theories, nursing administration finance, nursing administration field, and managing healthcare personnel. Her research efforts are centered around community and academic partnerships in education and quality improvement. She has published her work in prominent journals such as Ochsner Journal and Journal of the Alabama Academy of Science. Professor Copeland has been the recipient of numerous awards such as the Excellence in Practice Award, Beacon of Light Award, and Lizzie Whetsell Award. She completed her BSN, MSN, and DNP from University of South Alabama.

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    Danita Alfred, PhD, BSN, MSN, The University of Texas at Tyler

    Professor Danita Alfred teaches nursing at The University of Texas at Tyler, College of Nursing and Health Sciences. Some of the classes she takes include nursing theory, translational science, quantitative research design, and advanced statistics. Currently, her research explores emergency preparedness education, preparation for disasters, and Taiwanese nurses. Her findings have been featured in top journals such as Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Journal of Nursing Research, and Journal of Rehabilitation. She has won several laurels including the Barbara Cushing Excellence in Nursing Award and Outstanding Faculty Award. Dr. Alfred completed her PhD and MSN from Texas Woman’s University, and BSN from West Texas State University.

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    Kathleen Marie Turner, MSN, DNP, Duke University

    Kathleen Marie Turner is an associate professor and lead faculty of the nursing and healthcare leadership program at Duke University. She teaches courses such as professional nursing, professional transitions, advanced nursing practice, and synthesis of specialty practice. Her research focuses on interprofessional education, nursing education, and nursing leadership. She has been published covered journals including Journal of the Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association and Journal of Vascular Nursing. Among the many honors she has received are the Distinguished Teaching Award and the ABSN Faculty Excellence Award in Teaching. She completed her MSN and DNP from Duke University.

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