Gift Guide for Healthcare Leaders & Workers (2022)


It’s difficult to name a profession that has been under more pressure over the last few years than the healthcare sector. The unprecedented strains of the Covid-19 pandemic have made an already stressful and difficult job even more so. Accordingly, these pros may be overdue for some extra pampering this holiday season. If you are looking for the perfect gift for a healthcare worker, administrator, or academic in your family or social circle, this gift guide is meant to help.

As hard-charging individuals with a lot of drive and little time, healthcare pros can be a difficult group to shop for. The combination of particular needs and limited free time often results in some healthcare workers’ pared-down, almost ascetic lifestyle. However, this reality also offers a great opening for a well-planned gift. The introduction of a new tool that can ease a daily strain in the workday or aid their relaxation at the end of a long day (or night) in the field can be just the ticket.

From high-tech innovations to low-key comfort items that can work for nearly anyone, the following list should give you a few suggestions for gifting a healthcare professional in your life during the upcoming holiday season.

Clothing Gifts for Healthcare Professionals

Clothing is a no-brainer as a gift idea since so many healthcare workers spend extended time in their work clothing. Because of the variety of products, cuts, and materials offered, and the huge number of retailers that are now just a click away, there’s a lot to choose from.

Custom Insoles

For any profession that spends a lot of time on its feet, comfortable footwear is an absolute must. Many people are already familiar with insoles to increase stability, traction, and comfort, but the custom insole is definitely the next step in the evolution of this product.

PowerStep is a podiatrist-recommended company with affordable insoles to accommodate foot discomfort in various areas. Upstep offers a service by which you send a print of your foot to the company, creating a custom, one-of-a-kind insole to wear and keep you comfortable around the clock.


While many places have moved away from mask mandates and daily masking, many healthcare professionals still spend most of their day wearing a mask to protect against Covid-19, the flu, and other airborne pathogens. Numerous companies offer custom N19 masks, and Crooked Monkey is a great option if you are looking for a variety of colors and patterns.


The exact type and style of sneaker that is perfect for the healthcare leader or worker in your life will vary with their exact profession, but chances are that they are going through shoes faster than the average person and will soon be in need of a restock.

For EMS technicians and drivers who may spend as much time out of doors as in a clinic or ambulance, trail runners offer a happy medium between comfort and grip in variable terrain.

Nurses or administrators who spend most of their time indoors may have less need for traction on uneven surfaces and prefer something with a thick, cushy sole. The Nike Air Zoom is a perennial favorite in this category and comes in a broad selection of colors.

Comfort Gifts for Healthcare Professionals

This gift category can provide the rest and relaxation due to every healthcare worker at the end of a shift or work week. Whether you’re shopping for a frontline worker or a busy hospital administrator, you’ll likely find something that can help them ease into their free time.


The Theragun is probably the biggest innovation in massage technology in years, and can now be found in living rooms, offices, and athletic facilities across the world. Theraguns offer an unmatched ability to pinpoint specific spots and make a perfect gift for individuals in a job that is often intensely physical.

Theraguns now come in multiple sizes, so you can buy the Theragun Mini for an office drawer or locker and the full-sized Theragun Prime, which may be a better fit for home use.

Sheets from Brooklyn Bedding

Nothing quite says relaxation like sleeping in a comfy bed, and quality sheets are one of the best ways to make it happen. Brooklyn Bedding offers ethically produced bedsheets with astonishingly high thread counts and sends them directly to your doorstep. A cozy bed can offer a bit of comfort at the end of every workday, and these sheets should last a long time without sacrificing a bit of their performance.

Edible Gifts for Healthcare Professionals

Anyone working a high-stress job will be able to confirm that eating healthy food can quickly fall by the wayside in the face of an eventful day. Healthcare workers are especially affected by this, and will often tend to take care of others before themselves. An edible (or drinkable) gift can be a great way to mitigate this habit.

Wine Subscription

A glass of wine can be a great way to unwind, and subscription services make sure that there is always a bottle or two at hand. Services like Bright Cellars offer their customers a wide selection and let them choose which kinds of wines and regions they want to have delivered to them.

Want to receive a selection of Merlots on a regular basis without the hassle of shopping for them yourself? A subscription service is a way to do it.

Meal Kit Subscription

Meal kit services like HelloFresh and Blue Apron have been on the scene for a few years now, and have established an especially devoted following amongst professionals with hectic schedules.

A meal kit service offers a happy medium between convenience and healthy eating—a notoriously difficult place to land for anyone on the go. HelloFresh lets you select how often you want to receive a delivery, paying thought to predetermined allergens and diet plans.

Healthcare pros can benefit especially from the regularity and convenience of a meal kit since they can rely on the food being there without them having to take extra trips to the grocery store. Another upside is that anyone working on a shift schedule that leaves them craving dinner at 6:00 in the morning now doesn’t have to be disappointed by restaurants serving nothing but breakfast foods during this time of day.

Coffee Maker

There’s a pretty good chance that the healthcare professional that you gifting already has a healthy caffeine habit. If that’s the case, this is a great opportunity to give the kind of upgrade gift that sees daily use.

The classic, white plastic coffee maker has gotten a pretty big makeover in the last few years, as perhaps best exemplified by the Terra Kaffe. Aside from looking a lot nicer than the old kitchen top models, the Terra Kaffee has a ton of customizable settings to brew the perfect amount, in the perfect way, every time.

A great option for people who spend a lot of time on the go or traveling for their healthcare career is the Aero Press. It’s small, incredibly portable, and doesn’t even need any power.

Johannes Stitz
Johannes Stitz

Johannes Stitz is a freelance writer and researcher based in the Southwest. He's written about various topics in medical technology careers. Before turning to freelance writing, he spent nearly a decade in the arts as a booker and event manager.

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