Grand Canyon University (GCU) Online MBA - Health Systems Management

The Colangelo College of Business at Grand Canyon University (GCU) offers a 100 percent online master of business administration (MBA) with an emphasis in health systems management. No campus visits are required, and start dates land every eight weeks.

The GCU MBA in health systems management focuses on ethical decision-making in healthcare while managing healthcare operations to increase profitability. GCU believes business can be a force for good through ethical business practices and that it should have a higher purpose for long-term success. Finally, businesses can minister to team members and others through loving, caring support from a Christian perspective.

The MBA in health systems management comprises 54 credits. Up to 12 credits may be transferred to the program, which can be completed in five to six semesters. Start dates land every eight weeks.

Key topics covered include strategic operations management, the growth and sustainability of healthcare organizations, excellence in patient care, critical analysis, responsible decision-making, ethics of healthcare operations, policies, the economics of healthcare, and applied business probability and statistics.

Practical skills may include the management of working capital, raising capital market funds, managing factors that affect cost and service, effective leadership in organizations, and effective communication. Graduates of the online GCU MBA in health systems management may go on to positions such as chief operations officer (CEO), healthcare consultant, assisted living administrator, nursing home administrator, healthcare services administrator, and director of health care service.

Grand Canyon University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and is located in Phoenix, Arizona. The MBA in health systems management program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

What to Expect from the GCU Online MBA – Health Systems Management

Admission Requirements: Prospective students must hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution and GCU approved. The minimum GPA is 2.8 on a 4.0 scale. Applicants under this GPA may be eligible for admission through acceptable GMAT or GRE scores. Those with a non-business background must complete fundamental courses unless one or both is waived due to the completion of equivalent course content with a C or higher. Applicants with a business-related bachelor’s degree do not need to complete either of the fundamental MBA courses.

Admissions materials include an application and fee, official transcripts, and proof of English language proficiency when applicable. No work experience is required.

Study Plan: The GCU MBA in health systems management takes five to six semesters to complete depending on undergraduate education, transfer credits, and the speed of course completion. The degree comprises 46 to 54 credits, depending on the fundamental course requirements as listed in the admissions section. Courses last eight weeks each, except for the two-credit introduction to graduate studies in the College of Business course, which lasts four weeks. Students can take more than one course every eight weeks. Start dates land every eight weeks.

MBA Curriculum: The health systems management online MBA includes 46 to 54 credits depending on the need for fundamental courses in accounting practices and finance principles. Other courses include leadership and organizations; applied business probability and statistics; economics; marketing management; quantitative methods; managerial accounting; managerial finance; operations management; strategic management; legal and ethical principles in health care; and health care policies and economics.

Online Experience: Grand Canyon University delivers asynchronous online courses through its own Learning Management System (LMS). The GCU platform helps students explore resources, manage activities, watch tutorials and seminars, participate in discussion forums, view due dates, receive reminders, turn in assignments, and more.

Student success resources include an online library and bookstore; Canyon Connect, where students can get textbooks and digital materials; technical support; faculty office hours; academic advising and admissions counseling; learning resources for student success; financial aid services; and the Academic and Career Excellence (ACE) Center for help with courses and writing.

On-Site Requirements: The GCU online MBA programs are 100 percent online with no campus visit requirements. Online students are invited to participate in campus graduation and visit during open hours.

Paying for the GCU MBA – Health Systems Management

Prospective students should contact the Grand Canyon University Colangelo College of Business for a full cost estimate. Funding options include those available to graduate students through the FAFSA application, scholarships and grants from GCU or outside resources, employer tuition reimbursement programs, and tuition discounts.

Grand Canyon University MBA - Health Systems Management

  • Complete your online MBA in health systems management in five to six semesters
  • Choose traditional learning (course-based) or Tempo learning (competency-based with modules)
  • Graduate knowing how to manage healthcare operations to increase profitability while making ethical decisions regarding patient care and outcomes
Program Essentials
Degree Level Master's Degree
Program Start Dates Courses begin every 8 weeks
Credits Needed to Graduate 54
Time to Complete? Graduate in as little as 18 to 24 months.
100% Online? Yes
Program Accreditation ACBSP
Program Admissions
Level of Education Required? Bachelor's degree or higher
GRE or GMAT Required? No
Work Experience Required? None
Program Tuition
Credit Hours 54
Average Cost Per Credit Please use the 'tuition' link at the bottom of the page to view the latest program tuition details
Estimated Program Tuition * Please use the 'tuition' link at the bottom of the page to view the latest program tuition details

* Please see the school website for the most up-to-date tuition costs.

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