Concordia University St. Paul Online MBA in Health Care Management

Concordia University St. Paul (CSP) offers an online MBA in health care management through the College of Business and Technology. This degree path prepares graduates to lead health care organizations from both a health care and business foundation. The curriculum focuses on topics such as ethical decision-making, global economics, current health care trends, organizational leadership, managerial research, and health care informatics.

This cohort-based program begins in January, May, and August, and can be completed in six semesters or two years. Students may transfer up to 50 percent of the credits upon approval, reducing the time to completion. No GMAT or work experience is required; however, applicants must address their work experience history in their personal statement.

Online MBA in health care management students have mentorship opportunities with alumni who guide students throughout their graduate program. Mentors and mentees are matched based on personal history and experiences and can communicate on a dedicated platform for such purposes. Faculty also guide students, answer questions, and develop relationships with their online cohorts.

Courses last seven weeks each and include three one-credit topic courses covering career exploration, values, and skills; the examination of the future of business change and professional opportunities; and a time for reflection and bridging their education to their future career goals. Students use the Managerial Application and Portfolio (MAP) to better understand their professional worth and create a path for their personal and professional lives in the final topic course.

Graduates of the CSP online MBA in health care management have gone on to successful careers with organizations such as Medtronic, Mayo Clinic, and UnitedHealth Group.

Concordia University St. Paul is located in St. Paul, Minnesota.

What to Expect from the CSP Online MBA in Health Care Management

Admission Requirements: Applicants to the CSP online MBA in health care management must have a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. There is no application fee, and the streamlined process only requires the submission of official transcripts and a personal statement with specific parameters. No GMAT/GRE test scores or work experience are required, although students must address their work history in the personal statement.

Study Plan: The CSP online MBA in health care management can be completed in six semesters or two years. Courses last seven weeks each. No internships, practicums, or campus visits are required. The online MBA is cohort-based and begins in January, May, and August.

Online MBA in Health Care Management Curriculum: The program comprises 39 credits. Core courses include organizational leadership and development; integrated marketing communication; global economics; managerial research methods and design; strategic human resource management; the legal environment for managers; managerial finance and accounting; and tools for managerial decision analysis.

Health care management courses include applied ethics for health care leaders; health care informatics; quality practices; and health care strategic leadership. There are also three one-credit topic courses: vocation and value, mastery of future industry, and reflection and bridge to your future.

Online Experience: Online CSP students participate in synchronous coursework through assignments and activities designed to promote relationship-building and a true cohort experience. Students learn concepts at their convenience and access discussion boards and other interactive platforms. An online orientation is included for navigation through Blackboard and other learning and communication platforms.

Online MBA students have access to several student services including alumni one-on-one mentoring, faculty help, academic advisors, enrollment counselors, tuition planners, technical support, and career counseling. Additionally, a library technology center and tutoring and writing center are available to students.

On-Site Requirements: There are no on-site requirements for the online MBA in health care management as the program is 100 percent online.

Paying for the CSP Online MBA in Health Care Management

Concordia University St. Paul online MBA in health care management tuition numbers are listed in the table below. Prospective students should contact the CSP School of Business and Technology admissions department for full costs and inquire about financial aid, graduate scholarships, military benefits, and tuition discounts.

Students may choose to apply for unsubsidized federal student loans through the FAFSA. CSP also offers a partnership advantage program in which employees of partner organizations receive a $2,000 tuition discount. Other funding opportunities may include employer tuition reimbursement programs, private loans, scholarships, and grants through professional societies and community organizations.

Concordia University - St. Paul MBA - Health Care Management

  • Prepare to lead health care organizations from a health care business foundation through ethical decision-making and strategic leadership
  • Participate in three topics courses to delve deeper into career exploration, the future of business; and personal and future goals
  • Take advantage of one-on-one alumni mentoring and cohort-based synchronous coursework
Program Essentials
Degree Level Master's Degree
Program Start Dates January, May, August
Credits Needed to Graduate 39
Time to Complete? Graduate in six semesters.
100% Online? Yes
Program Accreditation None
Program Admissions
Level of Education Required? Bachelor's degree or higher
GRE or GMAT Required? No
Work Experience Required? No, however student must address their employment history in their personal statement
Program Tuition
Credit Hours 39
Average Cost Per Credit $625.00
Estimated Program Tuition * $24,375.00

Tuition is calculated based on credits, at the published tuition rate. For programs with variable tuition rates, we use the rates for part-time students. Tuition number represents the cost of tuition for the entire program, not per semester or year. Estimated total tuition does not include additional fees, unless otherwise specified. Please check here for any tuition updates.

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