Capella University Online MBA in Health Care Management Program

The School of Business and Technology at Capella University offers an online master of business administration (MBA) in health care management program. Key focus areas include strategic planning; ethics; the assessment of organizations in the areas of operations, finances, and decision-making; and societal and political factors that affect health care.

The MBA in health care management programs are flexible and are offered in two learning paths: GuidedPath and FlexPath. Time-to-completion, start dates, and tuition costs vary depending on the path chosen, and the same degree is granted through both learning paths.

GuidedPath students take one to three courses per quarter. The MBA program may be completed in as little as one year by taking three courses per quarter, and up to three years by taking one course per quarter.

Classes run on a traditional schedule with weekly assignments and assessment deadlines to keep students on track. Students participate in online discussion boards with faculty and peers and apply their learning to real-world situations. GuidedPath is a credit-bearing, graded pathway and is based on a per-credit cost. Start dates land once per quarter. A minimum GPA of 2.3 is required to enter this pathway.

FlexPath is designed for highly motivated, self-guided students who wish to reduce the time and cost of their degree. It is a self-paced pathway in which students are allowed to take two courses at a time. This is a point-earning system rather than credit-bearing, and students do not receive grades. Success is based on the demonstration of competency. Students work with faculty one-on-one to move through courses and complete competency assessments.

FlexPath is billed on a 12-week basis during which students may complete as many courses as possible, beginning a new course upon completion of another. Start dates land once a month. Note that a 3.0 minimum GPA is required for acceptance into FlexPath.

Online Capella students have access to a learner success lab which helps them further advance their health care management skills and fully utilize their time and resources. In addition, MBA students complete an individualized leadership assessment and receive one-on-one leadership coaching. Finally, health care management students build an ePortfolio filled with solutions to case studies created during their courses.

Graduates of the MBA in health care management program may go on to careers in various health care, research, and development organizations. Capella University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), and the MBA program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). This online-only institution is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and has two campus centers located in Atlanta and Augusta, Georgia.

What to Expect from the Capella University Online MBA in Health Care Management

Admission Requirements: Applicants to the online MBA in health care management program must have earned a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. A minimum GPA of 2.3 is required for GuidedPath applicants and a minimum GPA of 3.0 for FlexPath applicants. No work experience or GMAT/GRE scores are required. The application requires the submission of official transcripts and a non-refundable application fee. Students whose first language is not English must submit proof of English language proficiency and foreign transcript evaluations as necessary.

Study Plan: The Capella University online MBA in health care management consists of 11 courses, which last ten weeks each. GuidedPath students may begin their program each quarter in the fall, winter, spring, or summer and are allowed to take one to three courses per quarter. Part-time students taking one course per quarter can complete the program in three years. Full-time students who complete two courses per quarter can complete the program in just 1.5 years. The program can be completed in one year by taking three courses per quarter.

FlexPath students may begin courses once a month for their first course which means start dates land 12 times per year. Students may take up to two courses at a time and may begin another as soon as one is completed. Subsequent courses may be started at any time. FlexPath students may complete their degree in as little as one year. At an accelerated pace, the program could be completed in just 48 weeks or four 12-week sessions. A typical pace would be to complete the program in eight 12-week sessions or about two years. Courses in either pathway require 10 to 12 hours of work per week.

Curriculum: The Capella University MBA in health care management GuidedPath comprises 45 quarter credits. Core courses include MBA leadership; business strategy; accounting methods for leaders; applied business analytics; marketing management; applied managerial finance; and operations management for leaders.

Specialization courses include decision-making in the health care system; analyzing the health care environment; and driving health care results. Students also complete an MBA capstone course.

FlexPath students take the same courses as GuidedPath students; however, they earn program points instead of credits. Two quarter credits equal one program point, and students need a total of 23 program points to graduate.

Online Experience: GuidedPath MBA in health care management courses consist of 10 units each which may include faculty/peer discussions, readings, case studies, simulations, and assignments. All course assignments are due on Sundays, and scoring guides are provided for each graded assignment. Grades are administered based upon assignment completion, discussion participation, and demonstration of outcome competence.

FlexPath courses include course assessments rather than assignments. Students work one-on-one with faculty to assess their competence and gain help as needed. Rather than earning credits, FlexPath students receive points for outcome competence in each course and do not receive grades. FlexPath is designed for highly motivated individuals who wish to reduce the time and cost of completing their degree.

Courses may include live web conferencing; however, most delivery is asynchronous. Capella students have access to a wealth of support in the areas of admissions, career development, financial aid, networking, writing support, disability services, military personnel services, and technical support.

On-Site Requirements: The Capella University online MBA in health care management program is 100 percent online with no campus visits or practicums. Capella University is an online-only institution.

Paying for the Capella University Online MBA in Health Care Management

Online GuidedPath MBA students pay $815 per credit plus fees. FlexPath is billed at $2,825 per 12-week session, with students completing as many courses as possible in this timeframe to lower tuition and finish their degree sooner. Prospective students should contact the Capella University School of Business and Technology for complete costs and to inquire about discounts and scholarships.

Capella University online MBA students have access to unsubsidized graduate student loans per the FAFSA. Interested parties can find out more from the Capella University Admissions Office. Capella also offers a $3,000 Capella Progress Reward scholarship to qualified applicants. Finally, employers may offer tuition reimbursement programs, and students may wish to seek funding from the community and organizational sources.

*Please note that only the GuidedPath options are outlined in the tables below.

Capella University MBA - Health Care Management

  • Learn to manage the business side of healthcare in this ACBSP-accredited online MBA program
  • Choose the traditional GuidedPath or self-paced FlexPath according to your learning style and goals
  • Key focus areas include ethical decision-making, strategic planning, health care finance and operations, and evidence-based decision-making
Program Essentials
Degree Level Master's Degree
Program Start Dates Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer
Credits Needed to Graduate 45
Time to Complete? Graduate in as little as one year.
100% Online? Yes
Program Accreditation ACBSP
Program Admissions
Level of Education Required? Bachelor's degree or higher
GRE or GMAT Required? No GRE required
Work Experience Required? No
Program Tuition
Credit Hours 45
Average Cost Per Credit $830.00
Estimated Program Tuition * $37,350.00

* Tuition is calculated based on credits, at the currently published tuition rate. For programs with variable tuition rates, we use the out of state, part-time student rate. Tuition number represents the cost of tuition for the entire program, not per semester or year. Total cost of tuition does not include additional fees.

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