Healthcare Debates

These healthcare debates cover the most contested issues in healthcare policy and administration. They present an even-handed examination of both sides of the most pressing arguments within the U.S. healthcare system, including whether healthcare is a right or privilege and a comparison of single-payer vs. multi-payer systems, among other considerations.

August 19, 2019

Healthcare Debates: Single-Payer vs. Multi-Payer

According to February 2019 poll, over 70 percent of Americans want some form of universal healthcare, but the way such a plan would be enacted remains divisive. The main conflicts center around cost, care, and complexity.

March 25, 2019

Healthcare Debates: Death with Dignity

The idea behind medical aid in dying is that instead of allowing a disease to dictate the conditions of one's final moments in this life, the person can die on their own terms, with their dignity intact, and often at home.